Is Your Wordpress Website Mobile Optimised for Google


On the 21 April 2015, Google brought in a new algorithm change which meant that all sites that aren't mobile optimized will be penalised in Google's search engine rankings. Google updated this algorithm AGAIN in May 2016 which could further penalise websites that aren't mobile friendly in Google.  Google has issued a 'warning' to webmasters ensure that they ensure sites are mobile friendly ready and it is important for company websites to make the change before they are penalised.

To test if your site is Mobile optimised, please follow the steps below:

1. On a smartphone, go to and enter this sites domain name: You will see that Mobile-friendly appears before the description.

2. Now enter your website name in the same google search box on your smartphone. If Mobile friendly does not appear before the decsription, it means your website isn't optimised and will be penalised if this isn't rectified before the 21 April 2015.

Once your site is penalised, it can very often take a long time to get your site rankings back to what they were before the Google algorithm impacted it so it's important to take action now.

What Can You Do?

For many people, their website is a lifeline to the outside world and losing visibility can be catastrophic to their business so it's important to get your site optimised so that you don;t get penalised in the search rankings. This is where we can help if your website has been built using Wordpress.

We are SEO and website experts and will carry out the required steps to make your site Mobile Friendly ready.

All you need to do is click on the link below to sign up and  to let us get to work for you to ensure your site isn't penalised.